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Rock Krawler 4.5 coilover

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  • Rock Krawler 4.5 coilover

    Once I get my Rock Krawler 4.5 inch coilover lift for my 2012 JK 2 door what else needs to be done to make sure everything works like it is intended to? I know the exhaust, brake lines. Just trying to get everything before I start the install and end up forgetting something. Thanks for any of the help

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    You may want to consider adjustable control arms. Also. You may need at least a front drive shaft. Once you install that it may come in contact with your factory skid plate. Just keep that in mind so you don't destroy the new shaft. Also. New bump stops will be needed. These are just a few things that come to mind. There is lots of info out there. Maybe even on the RK website. Hopefully some of our members that already have CO's will offer some insight.
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