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Winch bumper recessed or not?

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  • Winch bumper recessed or not?

    Hey guys,

    Looking for some opinions here so I can make up my own... I've been looking at winch bumpers for a little while now and I was originally looking for something that would have the winch recessed to allow maximum air flow into the radiator of my 2012 JKU. Talked to a sales man this week-end who mentionned that air flow is not as big a deal as it used to be in my XJ days and that non-recessed mounts tend to be easier to clean, I'm up north (Canada) so winter snow and salt will be a concern as well as the occasional muddy trail... Thinking a non-recessed winch will be easier to keep clean. But then he was trying to sell me what he had and change my mind on what I wanted, but now I'm not sure anymore...

    So what do you guys run, recessed or not, for winch bumpers and why? Thanks!

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    Recessed seems to be better for cooling and protection. I will be using a minimalist bumper myself.