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Cj Dana 60 axles

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  • Cj Dana 60 axles

    Hey jeepers

    New keeper here with a 1986 jeep cj7. I currently have 35 x 15.5 Mickey Thompson Baja claw tires, front axle appears to be Dana 44, rear axle appears to be a GM 12 bolt.

    Im building a primarily mud run. I would like to run a 15.5 tire at 37 or 38 height. I've been told I need one ton axles to run those tires effectively. I know Dana 60 axles are one ton axles.

    my questions:
    is Dana 60 front and rear the best choice for those tires and my right?

    what vehicle should I look for to pull these axles from? Will I need to alter them at all for them to fit?

    what should I do to the axles to run those tires for that rig before reinstallation on my jeep? I've heard about gearing and chromalloy shafts, etc.

    told you I was a newbie. But I know keepers can help me.

    thank you