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Factory Roll bar doesn't fit

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  • Factory Roll bar doesn't fit

    Has anyone else run across this?
    I removed the factory roll bar to work on my cj5. When I went to reinstall the roll bar, it doesn't fit. It's about 2 inches to narrow.
    What could cause this?

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    Re: Factory Roll bar doesn't fit

    Bolt down one side, then pull the other side over with a strap hooked to a post, wall, wife, etc...

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      Re: Factory Roll bar doesn't fit

      they are made so their is resistance in the tube when mounted. if you do like said above it will fit right in.
      if they built it I have had one or 10, if I have not had one yet, I am searching all the time for that type of jeep.
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        Re: Factory Roll bar doesn't fit

        Thanks for the insight. A buddy brought over his pipe spreaders...worked perfectly.