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Axle upgrade options for my 2015 Rubicon

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  • Axle upgrade options for my 2015 Rubicon

    It's looks like my rear Axle on my 2015 JKUR may be in need of replacement. I'm considering an upgrade for it and possibly the front as well. My Shop is recommending a Pro Rock 60 at the rear. There is not a Mopar Tru-loc option as far as I know. I am looking to stay with electronic lockers that play well with my stock switches and electronics. If I did a complete assembly swap, does anyone know if Eatons elocker option is a direct plug and play with my rubicon electronics? I don't think the Dynatrac options have a diff sensor like the tru-loc. Even if the activation wires are made to work somehow, would there be an issue if the senor that confirms the locker engagement is not connected? I'm also concerned if I need to do the rear and the electronics are bypassed, does that create any problems for my stock front Tru-loc?

    I guess what I'm wondering is if any aftermarket axle manufacturers have a well thought out upgrade specific to the Rubicons that play nice with the stock locker switches and electronics?

    I like the idea of a ProRock 60/44 elocker setup but for the money, I want it to be plug and play with my Rubicon switches and electonics and a well thought-out application specific to the Rubicon.

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    I went with the Dana Ultimate 60's. got them through at a good deal. They come with a plug end that plugs into your Rubicon factory harness. I think these axles are the closest you get to plug and play. they have been great! there is also a Dana Ultimate 44 if you wanted to stick with a 44 up front for whatever reason. I have been very happy with my 60's!
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