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  • LS Swap into the JK

    So the company that has the kits for the LS swap into the JK is MoTech.

    For $5195 you get all the parts you need to install your motor and transmission into your JK and retain the factory gauges. It is a sweet setup, and I really want to do one (either in my JK or someone elses!), I am just having issues locating these money trees that people speak of.

    Here is an excerpt from another forum talking about being SMOG LEGAL. Apparently there are at least 6 JK's in the state of California that are passing emissions, possibly more at this point in time.

    Hi guys,
    I was at the local 4 wheel shop today and got hit with lots of questions about our swap. I'd like to clarify what our goal is with this swap and hopefully answer questions you may have.

    First about me: I have worked as a professional mechanic for 20 years, I developed and own several automotive related shops. I have many ASE Masters working for me, we are emission inspection and repair stations and I am a level 2 emission inspector and repair technician.

    So on to the swap. It is easy to put an LS in a JK. There are two ways to look at it, weld in some mounts, run the LS stand alone and hack out the JK can network, this wasn't our goal. We wanted the JK to appear and function like it did from the factory with good power and not have the downside of other conversions. Less time was spent fitting the LS to the JK than getting everything to work as it should.

    I want to mention we use hydraulic engine mounts, we went the easy route and tried solid mounts, but after one long trip you will appreciate the difference between the two. No vibrations in the steering wheel, pedals, etc. No resonances which rattle your JK and teeth. Do not overlook the mounts.

    *Does the instrument panel work?
    Yes, all the gauges including the tach, speedo, temp, overtemp and the lights work
    *Does the security system work?
    Yes, just like stock
    *Does remote start work?
    Yes, just like stock, we had to overcome starter overun issues, which we did.
    *Is it smog legal?
    Yes, we have certified JK's to CARB and USEPA standards, it is more difficult to do it right like we have but the reality is other than California many states do not enforce smog laws properly. Our Jeeps will hold up to enhanced OBDII and functional testing including a three gas CO, HC and NOx tailpipe test. We ensure all OBD II monitors run and complete. Our harness supports the required emission equipment including the EVAP system
    *Are there any codes?
    There are no codes in the Jeep or GM ecm's. Each ecm can be connected to and used to scan, clear codes, bidirectional test, etc...just like stock.
    *Does ESP/ABS work?
    Yes, all ESP/ABS functions work except torque management as previously described.
    *Can I tune my engine?
    Yes, you will get a stock tune; however. we can supply you with the tune in EFI Live or HP Tuners which gives you unlimited tuning potential.
    *Does cruise control work?
    Yes, just like stock but better. Cruise control is optional but uses the stock cruise switch and uses OEM level software
    *Can I shift my 6 speed auto?
    Yes, again this is optional but you will have full control of all 6 gears of your 6 speed. The 6l80 is awesome in 4 low when held in first gear. We are the only company to offer full control of the 6l80 with AFM and VVT.
    *Can I use a variable valve timing or AFM/DOD engine.
    Yes, our harness supports AFM/DOD and VVT engines.
    *Can I use my transfer case?
    Yes, if it is not a Rubicon, but you need to buy an adapter.
    *What about driveshafts?
    With a 5.3 you can run your driveshafts, with more power get stronger ones.
    *What about the radiator?
    Run your stock radiator with a 5.3, for hot climates or larger engines run our aluminum radiator.
    *What about exhaust?
    You need to fabricate the y-pipe or buy one from us, the rear exhaust section works fine with a 5.3.
    *What do I need to get?
    Engine, transmission, O2 sensors, motor mounts, exhaust manifolds and some miscellaneous stuff. You will use your JK's alternator, p/s pump, a/c compressor and other items.
    *Can I do it for under 5 grand?
    No, I would say a minimum budget of $7-8k, with some options and a premium engine a little more. A 6.2 crate engine runs about $5-6k
    *Will I get tech support?
    *How long will it take?
    Depending on equipment and skill 40-50 hours.
    *Do I have to remove the body?
    No, but it makes the swap easier.
    *Can I get a turn key conversion?
    Yes, 5.3 swaps start at $12,999
    *Can I test drive a LS JK?
    Yes, if you are in Vegas come by and see us.
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    Re: LS Swap into the JK

    Not exactly loose change but pretty good price for a V8!