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HELP!!! AMC 304 swap

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  • HELP!!! AMC 304 swap

    So here is the deal, I am putting a new frame under my POS, junky, sluggish, rotted, yet awesome YJ. I would post pictures but for some reason it won't let me??? While I have the body off I am doing a Ford Explorer 8.8 4.10 LSD swap in the rear, a 304 engine swap to replace the 4 cylinder, and the hard part a tranny/transfer case to bolt to the 304 that has a driver's side drop like the YJ. The 304 is completely stock for the time being so a medium duty tranny should work out nicely. I have a T-150 (thought it was a T-15) that won't accept a Dana 300 transfer case and I heard that you cannot flip the stock Dana 20 transfer case to make it driver's side drop.

    My question is about the last part... My front and rear axle will be 5x4.5 bolt pattern which is how I want to keep it. I need a transfer case/tranny/front axle combo that will all match up. As I see it, I have a few options....

    - AX-15 with NP231 transfer case (I heard the AX-15 should hold up under small V8 power)
    - T-15, T-18, or T-19with Dana300 (Need to buy $600 adapter, flip the transfer case, and install cable shifter. OUCH!!!!!)

    Any other suggestions? I'm a CJ5 guy so this Driver's side drop is throwing me off...

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    Re: HELP!!! AMC 304 swap

    That's my issue too man!! Lol I've been told only the 300 is rotatable? Sooo I'm gonna follow you and let you do the dirty work for me? Hehe I'm lookin for a solution too if I find one you will be the first to know. And yes the ax15 and 231 will be fine unless your gonna bog it.


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      Re: HELP!!! AMC 304 swap

      I am hoping to find an AX-15 and NP231 around here but no luck on Craigslist or any of the Facebook groups. I have an AX-5 but they are weak for a 4 cylinder even if the bellhousing pattern was the same. Do you happen to know if the AX-15 bolted up to the AMC 304 without shaft modifications? I know the bellhousing will bolt up but not sure about the clutch and everything.


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        Re: HELP!!! AMC 304 swap

        So here is a quick update:
        - Found an AX-15 with NP231 transfer case out of a 98 TJ for $200 with clutch, master cylinder, and slave cylinder!!! This was a major score since pre-94 Wranglers used some washer instead of a throw-out bearing and also the clutch/slave cylinders are external on later AX-15s. This makes the process of installing it in an automatic much easier!! Some research shows that this tranny will bolt up without any modifications.
        - I picked up the rear axle out of a 1998 4 cylinder Ford Explorer for $200. I was going to re-gear to 4.10 but wouldn't you know it, the 4 cylinder Ford Explorer came factory with 4.10 LSD and rear disk brakes!
        - Found a front 4.10 axle out of a YJ that i'm going to swap in for $100.
        - Since the 304 I have was practically free (CJ5 part-out I did a while back), I figure for around $700-800 in parts and hardware I will have a V-8 swap in a YJ.

        Doug, I think I told you I could do it for under a grand right??? I'll take lots of pictures along the way. I most likely will start building in the next 2 months. I've got my CJ5 all torn apart in the garage so it take priority.