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You will notice a new 'Prefix:' drop down above the title box for new threads in all Swap Shop forums. You may choose no prefix, or the one that best suites your needs. I think the prefixes are self explanatory, however, please post any comments or concerns in this thread. Going forward, as members use prefixes, you will able to search by prefix. Give it a try and I hope this helps!
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4 Cheap Tires!

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  • Wanted 4 Cheap Tires!

    Looking for some new tires for my 5.9L ZJ. Need 'em on the cheap. Looking for 30" or 31" (245/75R16) all terrains for a 16" wheel. I miss wheeling!

    [COLOR=#008000]-Rick @ Quadratec
    [/COLOR][COLOR=#ffffff]-'98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited ZJ 5.9L
    -'03 VW Golf TDI (Diesel)
    -'98 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS7
    -'01 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6 (For Sale)[/COLOR]