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Go Topless Day - May 19th at The Badlands!

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  • Go Topless Day - May 19th at The Badlands!

    ok.. Time for this post..

    SO many of you guys may know that Dirtman and Brad put on the Go Topless Day event at the Badlands. Its on again this year... After part is at Dirtmans house in Champaign, Il about an hour away from Badlands. Plan is.. we all wheel all day.. usually meet in the quarry for lunch.. and then everyone heads out after and we grill out and have some beers.. and the hardcore party people usually bar hop a little afterwards. Hotel rooms in the area are about 45 bucks a night.. and there is also a camp ground near by as well about 3 minutes from the after party. You can buy swag for the event at I think they may be making up other shirts as well. If you are interested in going chime in here so we can get a head count. last year there were between 30 and 40 jeeps and I bet there will be more this year.
    I am sarcastic. Deal with it.

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    Re: Go Topless Day - May 19th at The Badlands!

    hey nick its gene need 4 shirts 2 (XL ) 2 (XXL) thanks.
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