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Quick Sand in Goblin Valley Utah

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  • Quick Sand in Goblin Valley Utah

    This weekend my wife and I camped near Goblin Valley State Park in southern Utah and decided to take a little trail on the way home. We did the trail between the state park and 24 called Wild Horse Road. It was for the most part a gravel road with nothing technical or difficult. There was an easy river crossing. All of a sudden, our jeep hit a patch of quick sand. It wasn't slow or gradual, but all of a sudden we dropped into this pit. The ground was dry so there was no way to see it coming. It was in a wash and after sitting there for a while, there was clay and water beneath the sand. There was nothing to winch to and no cell service so we walked 7 miles or so back to where we had cell service. Long story short, winching on a rangers truck did no good and we ended up not being the only ones that got stuck. We had to call a tow company who had to use their truck and winch while being anchored to another truck so they didn't get pulled by the winch. Lotsa shoveling and winching didn't do anything. We ended up using the hi-lift jack to break the suction that the cement-like sinking sand created and winching it at the same time. The hi lift jack became stuck several times in the sinking sand and three men could not pull it out. We had to use the winch. We ended up being stuck from 10 AM to 9 PM and just stayed in little Hanksville for the night. Oh, and the towing company charged us a fat $700. Lucky them, they said they pull a couple vehicles out a week. BE CAREFUL of the quicksand down in southern Utah.