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    Looking to upgrade even further then just a 44? Look no further then the Torq 14 or Super 14 axle assemblies. Front axle packages start at $8995 and Super14 starts at $9795. Sounds like a lot of money. Well yes it is. But you get is American made axles and parts. Lets start with what you get parts wise.

    Fabricated axle housing. Light weight, strong, large oil capacity for better differential cooling.

    Removable Third Member. Choose between the Nodular iron Torq14 3rd or upgrade to the race spec 30 pound lighter Super14.
    Both 3rd member come with 4 bolt main bearing caps, so you know they will hold the loads you throw at them.
    Removable pinion supports for easy gear inspection if you are ever curious.
    Both 3rd house the GM 10.5 14 bolt gearsets and bearings. So parts availability is fast and easy.
    1350 u bolt yoke up-gradable to 1410
    (Ring gear protector/load bolt option available)

    Front Axles: come with Reid king pin forged inner c's and outer knuckles and Torq springless cross over steering arm and cap.
    13" brake rotors with Iron brake calipers. (up-gradable to ssbc or wilwood brakes.)
    Jeep Jk front bracket kit with Metalcloak Duroflex joints in upper mounts.
    (optional housing armor and or Super14 rock shield can be added)

    Rear Axles: Come with our Standard 4140 billets spindles installed into a Torq fabricated axle housing.
    Full float course 30 spline 1.5" axle shafts (up-gradable to chromoly or 1.75" 40 spline option is available)
    13" brake rotors with Iron brake E-brake calipers (up-gradable to SSBC or Wilwood brakes)
    (optional housing armor and or Super14 rock shield can be added)

    (Rock Shield works with Super14 only.)

    Torq14 jk front.jpg
    Torq14 jk rear watts link.jpg
    Torq14 vs Super14.jpg
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