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1982 Suzuki LJ80(The 8 Slot Build)

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    I got a fair amount accomplished on Sunday... ended up tearing down the front LJ axle in order to clean it up, and swap over the Samurai components as well as all new seals, bearings, etc.

    Also pulled out the front axle out of the parts mobile and got it ready to put into my LJ so I can still roll it around and deliver it to my fabricator for a little body work and custom bumpers.

    Also be sure to check out my build page on Facebook for more pictures and videos:

    Had a little helper working with me today as well:


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      Picked up the donor to actually make my LJ into a 1L. Plan is to use it as a toy for now until I finish putting my LJ back together.. then come fall do the engine swap and put the F8A back into the SJ410(I believe it should work no problem) then likely keep it or let it go complete.

      Also was told it has a 2" lift on it, I believe it to be springs but could be worn out by now since the seller(very kind old man) stated he had it for about 10 years and the PO did the lift.

      Well without further delay the pics!


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        Started back on the front axle rebuild/SJ413 knuckle out swap. broke down all the parts a bit more today and gave them a nice cleaning in the parts washer... Now just need to clean and sand the axle housing and then time for paint!

        To get the spindle bearing/retainer out simple just use a chisel and a hammer right on the lip of the bearing alternating location


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          The front bumper is starting to take shape, once this is done the rear is next. Both will have a 2" hitch receiver to use as both a tow point as well as a winch. So I can use 1 single hitch for both the front/back to keep the weight of the truck as low as possible.

          Also will be keeping the ends of both bumpers open to allow for a lift point for a Hi Lift jack in all 4 corners.. Might weld in a 1/8" rod on the end of each one to provide a bit of a lip to help the Hilift grip the bumper better as well.


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            Front bumper is completed with 1/4" rod welded in for hi-lift grip. Now to get the rear completed.